Why people are loving the Bootcamps!

Our inaugural event took place in Berkeley, California on February 24th and we couldn’t be happier with the turnout! People left inspired, empowered, and motivated.

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Check out what they had to say about the event:

I wanted to thank you again for putting together such a great seminar and bringing in amazing speakers! I had a great time and learned a ton. I am still processing all the information, but know I will be able to take a lot of it and apply it to my business.” -Lisa

I just wanted to thank you IMMENSELY for putting on such an amazing event yesterday.  Each and every speaker had a well prepared, quality presentation with incredibly helpful information. They were all delivered with such passion, compassion, and enthusiasm.  The whole day was really a gift, from the mass amount of knowledge I obtained, to the delicious meals, and the stretch breaks (!!! so great !!!).  

I now have specific actions to take in several areas, to grow and develop my talent and ideas into a thriving business.

Thank you again” –Alicia

“Today was awesome. I just wanted to tell you. I am pretty shy and was so inspired that it made me go up to more people than I probably ever would. Because with so many people in the same place that might be able to help or I might be able to help to, were all in one place”  -Jacinda

“This event exceeded all my expectations.  I didn’t know it was possible to cover SO many areas of marketing a vegan business in such a LIMITED amount of time!  This was time and funds well spent!”  -Monica

Vegan Professional Marketing Bootcamps… the perfect way to network with vegan vanguards, learn from their success and mistakes, and strategize not only on how your individual veggie brand can become popular and generative, but how veganism can become mainstream!” -Ashel

Thank you so much Stephanie and Karine for providing a business platform for entrepreneurs who are in the vegan community. At heart, vegans are committed and passionate about animals, the health of our body and sustainable practices for our planet. Thanks for bringing us together and providing excellent support for our businesses.” -Rita

“The Vegan Professional Bootcamp was a wonderful kickstarter for marketing my new wellness center. I’ve already begun applying the lessons I learned in my business and am noticing great results. I highly recommend this bootcamp to all Vegan Professionals whether you’re just in the planning phases or have been established for years!” -Katelin

You can also check out the awesome write-up by Vegan Cuts here.

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