Action Packed Learning Symposium For Existing & Aspiring Vegan Professionals

Are you a vegan entrepreneur, author, chef, personal trainer, life coach, or business owner? Do you want to learn how to make your business grow this year? If so, this half-day marketing bootcamp is for you!

Portland has long been recognized as a mecca for all things vegan, and this event will feature powerful speakers from the local veg community. There will be presentations providing in-depth information on topics like social media marketing and finding new customers and clients, hands-on learning in interactive workshops, and a panel discussion with lots of time for Q&A. What’s our promise? That you will walk away inspired, excited, and with the tools, tips and advice you need to succeed. All paid attendees will also receive access to Google+ and LinkedIn communities for ongoing support after the event.


12:30 PM
1:00 PM
Meet The Team; Agenda; Learning Objectives For The Day
1:15 PM
Opening and Operating a Successful Vegan Business: First Step, Learning The Trade (Presentation)
2:00 PM
Getting The Numbers Right: A Roadmap To Business Finances (Presentation)

Often when we start businesses, we’re chefs, artisans, craftspeople, designers, or writers, and we think numbers aren’t our friends. The spreadsheets, accounting and budgeting are often the last item on the “To Do” list. However, your business finances are the lifeline of your business, and your business won’t survive if you aren’t paying attention to them. Not only will the numbers provide insight into the health of your business, but through cost management and financial planning you can find ways to make your business flourish. Learn how to know which numbers are the most important, become intimate with percentages, and turn numbers in to your allies.  

2:35 PM
2:45 PM
Meet your 100 million Newest Customers: Why and How to Become a 3rd-party merchant on

Every month one-third of the US population makes a purchase on If you produce your own line of products, selling on Amazon can introduce you to literally millions of new customers.

Customers flock to Amazon because it’s familiar and trusted. By selling on Amazon, you benefit from this trust and have the opportunity to control the price and supply of the products you create.

In this 30 minute presentation, Paul will dispel the common myths about selling on Amazon and will show you how to make your first sale.

3:20 PM
3:30 PM
Social Selling — Stop Sucking At Social Media (Workshop)

Ever felt loss in the sea of social media accounts? This workshop will not only help you organize an exceptional strategy, but help you understand what social media means to your business. Lead generation? Customer service? Community connections? Activism? Learn how to do social media marketing the right way.

4:05 PM
Connect, Collaborate Or Make A Friend (Networking Session)

Learn how to get the most out of a networking experience. Then, put these new skills to work and get to know your fellow attendees in the room. Bring plenty of business cards.

4:25 PM
Being A Veg Professional – Lessons Learned (Panel Discussion)

Get insights from successful vegan professionals on topics like:

Running A Vegan Business That Appeals To The World
Balancing that fine line of marketing your products to vegans and non-vegans alike

Building A Conscious Business
Understanding Your Values, Purpose, Vision, and Mission

5:05 PM
5:15 PM
Rethinking Customer Engagement – Building Revenue Streams (Workshop)

Whether you’re trying to secure your first client, book that big deal, sell tickets for your next class, or generate buzz about your product, you must have a reliable process in place to find customers. This workshop will explore tools and techniques to find, nurture, and engage new customers/clients so that you can develop a consistent revenue stream.

5:50 PM
Wrap Up & Next Steps


Ambridge Event Center

The Ambridge Event Center is ideally located just minutes away from the Portland Rose Quarter and in the heart of the Lloyd Center business district. Free Parking is available.

Additional services available

Interested in some individual help? Before each bootcamp, we are offering five 1-hour opportunities for one-on-one consultations. This is your chance to get individualized help with your business venture or current marketing challenge. You can book a session with Stephanie Redcross for marketing and business support or Karine Brighten for event planning support. These sessions will be provided for an additional fee, and can be selected when you complete your registration. We have limited time slots available so register early.

Stephanie Redcross

Stephanie Redcross founded Vegan Mainstream, a Georgia-based marketing company, in 2009 to combine her passion for entrepreneurship with her passion for the vegan lifestyle. Stephanie has over a decade of marketing experience with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Passionate about living and advocating a vegan lifestyle for health, environmental, and ethical reasons, Stephanie has made it her life mission to help like-minded entrepreneurs, bloggers and small- to mid-sized companies reach and exceed their goals. She also hopes to encourage all businesses to consider both the marketing viability and ethical importance of shifting to veg-friendly products and services.

Karine Brighten

Karine has not only realized her vision of operating a full-service event planning firm, but she has held fast to making it an affordable, eco-friendly venture that is kind to animals and the planet. Certified as a Bay Area Green Business, Karine Brighten Events was founded to demonstrate how activities can be both successful and environmentally conscious no matter if they’re large or small, business or personal. Her track record offers quite a repertoire of entertaining and educational projects that include food competitions, annual Vegan Earth Day Celebrations, grand openings, conferences, and weddings all achieved with minimal environmental impact.

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