Crystal Tate

Crystal_withnameCrystal Tate co-founded Food for Lovers, Inc. with her husband at 23; launching nationally with Whole Foods Market, a product she and her husband created, developed and brought to market. Creating the first shelf stable Vegan Queso dip in the World, from a popular recipe that started on her blog on 2008. She’s since launched new products and is currently growing her brand with her international reach of retailers.
Crystal is CEO and President, with a team of investors, a close network of food manufacturers, major retail chain contacts and business mentors at her side whom she’s strategicly utilized to position her company as a nationally recognized brand.
She seeks to encourage young entrepreneurs to nurture their business endeavors; especially female and/or minorities like herself. Crystal and her husband Chris Tate (both vegan) together run their business, and operate other projects like while Chris works full time as a Senior Developer for a tech company.

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