Annabel Adams

Annabel_withnameWhile Annabel Adams will tell you her career in public relations began at a top-10 law firm, her career really began in middle school when she brought in first-place prizes for writing contests sponsored by Coca-Cola & the Long Beach Grand Prix.

While in grad school for literature, Annabel started a blog – “Feed Me, I’m Cranky” – that focused on health and fitness. It is through that blog that she truly found her voice and future career in writing. She began freelancing with a NY Times best-selling author and a celebrity-focused PR firm where she “ghost wrote” for a celeb launching a weight-loss product (given her personal journey with weight-loss, she can only find this humorous now).

Annabel is currently the media & community relations manager for HUMAN Healthy Vending – an award-winning franchisor of healthy vending machine businesses with the mission to make healthy food more convenient than junk food.

Annabel has used her writing skills to get her clients and employers feature stories in Forbes Magazine and Good Magazine, a cover story in The Orange County Register, quotes in coveted publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, Women’s Health, NY Times, LA Times, and The LA Business Journal, and prime-time TV coverage on CNBC.

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