2014 is your year to shine, and what better way to kick start success than a marketing bootcamp session designed especially for the vegan professional? This series of stand-alone events, brought to you by Vegan Mainstream and Karine Brighten Events, will be held in FOUR locations this year. Each session will be localized to its city, with the specific goal of providing information about how to make your vegan business thrive. Local power-house speakers will be featured – the day is an opportunity to LEARN, NETWORK, PLAN, and GROW your business or idea.

It’s an exciting time for vegan entrepreneurs, and we want to help you succeed – that’s what this series is all about. Learn cutting-edge information from experts who will share their experiences as business owners, marketing professionals and vegan change agents. Have the chance to be part of interactive round-table discussions with people who are facing, or have faced, similar challenges as you. Meet colleagues who are active in your local veg business community and make connections that will help support and grow your business. Authors, chefs, personal trainers, coaches, aspiring and existing business owners; all are welcome. Space is limited – register today!

The business boot camps are a great way to meet and ask in-depth questions of vegan business owners. By giving you support and the basics, you feel much more prepared to take on the world...vegan-style!

Marisa Sandlin Cat and Cupcake

This was a very well planned boot camp, with polished, accomplished speakers. I walked away reenergized and with a wealth of helpful information. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Kara Blank-Gonzalez Food For Life Instructor

The Vegan Professional Bootcamp was a wonderful kickstarter for marketing my new wellness center. I've already begun applying the lessons I learned in my business and am noticing great results. I highly recommend this bootcamp to all Vegan Professionals whether you're just in the planning phases or have been established for years!

Katelin Mae Petersen Sprout Wellness Center

This event exceeded all my expectations. I didn't know it was possible to cover SO many areas of marketing a vegan business in such a LIMITED amount of time! This was time and funds well spent!

Monica Klausner Vesstro

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About Vegan Professional Bootcamps

Vegan Professional Bootcamps are designed with the busy vegan professional in mind. They are a series of stand-alone multi-city events that pack a power-load of information into each 5-hour session. Every bootcamp will feature exciting and experienced speakers from the local veg community – people who have successes, tips, tools and tricks to share that will help your business to succeed. There will be information pertinent for everyone from the newbie to the experienced business owner. Average event size is 40-60 participants.

These events are not just about listening – they are all about the interaction! There will be plenty of time to participate in round-table discussions, Q&As, and networking opportunities. We won’t just spout about theory, we will put theory into practice and conduct hands-on sessions on topics such as building your brand, online marketing and putting trends into action. We encourage you to bring your laptop, iPad, iPhone and gadgets, so you will leave the day not only with ideas, but with an actionable plan to implement for your business tomorrow. And when you go back out onto the street? We don’t just toss you to the crowds…all paid attendees will receive access to online support communities on Google+ and LinkedIn.

How do we decide where to hold bootcamps? We don’t – you do! Every year we hold a vote on which cities to visit, and the four cities with the most votes are the ones that make the list. We are now taking votes for 2015, so if your favorite city is not on this year’s list and you’d love to see us where YOU are next year, be sure to vote.

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